Pepper Servicing Spain (PSS)

Pepper Servicing Spain (PSS) is part of the Pepper European Servicing (PES) stable of award-winning loan servicers and real estate asset managers, providing tailored services to investor and banking clients, currently managing over €40bn of client assets in Europe including €2.5 bn of assets in Spain.

PES is part of the Pepper Group, a diversified global consumer finance business, with a core focus and strong experience in Lending, Advisory and Asset Management across the residential and commercial property sectors.

Why choose Pepper?

Pepper Experience


PES is a vastly experienced servicer with proven capability across Europe, successfully managing the full spectrum of performing and non-performing loans in multiple regulated and unregulated asset classes.

Pepper Superior Credit Performance

Superior Credit Performance

PES’ operational case ownership model has proven effectiveness in optimising asset performance and returns for investors.

Pepper Proprietary Technology

Proprietary Technology

Our leading-edge systems enable bespoke solutions to be developed for PSS clients.

White-label Servicing

White-label Servicing

Multiple customer service branding options are available to suit all client requirements, including own brand engagements.

What we do

PES is one of the most successful third-party service providers in Europe and PSS is the latest jurisdiction to provide first class services to banks, hedge funds, private equity and other owners of residential and commercial real estate (CRE) backed assets.

Our experienced teams currently manage c €2.5Bn of loan portfolios across a range of secured and unsecured assets, through the full lifecycle of the loan.

Primary Servicing

PSS provides first class general loan and financial reconciliation administration services on a broad range of performing, re-performing and non-performing asset classes.

Special Servicing

PES has developed a strong reputation for our expertise and success in the management and resolution of underperforming loans in multiple asset classes. PSS’ specialist teams of skilled professionals have years of experience in successfully resolving non-conforming loans across various asset classes.

Standby/Backup Servicing

In addition to offering full, end to end loan portfolio servicing PSS can also support investors requiring back up arrangements for balance sheet assets or on asset securitisation, an area of deep experience and expertise across the PES entity.

Master Servicing

As Master Servicer, PSS can provide investors with the full range of oversight and management of all aspects of portfolio administration, where Primary and/or Special Servicing is carried out by another entity.

Asset Management

Our Asset Management Team comprises experienced professionals who engage and negotiate with customers, whether personal or corporate, resulting in the adoption of optimum loan level strategies.

Where consensual deals are not possible, our asset managers work with legal teams and a broad range of third-party partners to develop the best possible outcome for customers and lenders, including foreclosure where necessary.

Due Diligence support

PSS can support clients in their portfolio and asset evaluation process with a wide range of services including:

  • Real Estate - projected valuations based on a mixture of historical information, current market information and desktop appraisals (including drive by valuations);
  • Financial Modelling – cashflow modelling, including a base, best, and worst-case scenario at granular loan and asset level across the portfolio;
  • Legal Due Diligence – an in-depth review of all current and future legal proceedings and effective timelines leading to the required outcome.